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Professor Anna Lise Gordon, Director - Institute of Education, St Mary's University (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring the next steps for the implementation of the new Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy published in January 2019
  • Assessing the development of the Early Career Framework and its impact on teaching, such as a greater emphasis on assessing and supporting SEND students
  • Outlining the reforms announced by government and gaining insights into new specialist professional qualifications as well as a review of teaching schools and the launch of a consultation to reform the accountability system
  • Gaining an understanding of what a review of ITT might look like and how this could identify areas of improvement and reduce costs for providers

Senior Representative, Department for Education (DfE) (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining the journey to becoming an outstanding provider of Initial Teacher Training in a school-led setting
  • Sharing an update on the implementation of teaching apprenticeships: how they work, challenges, results and next steps
  • Exploring strategies for how schools can enhance their recruitment process including maintaining relationships with former pupils as well as through postgraduate teaching apprenticeships, attracting graduates with extensive experience
  • Increasing retention through a fresh approach to teacher training focused on career progression and job satisfaction to attract more skilled teachers and encourage more to stay in the sector

Sir Andrew Carter OBE, Chair, Employers Group for Teacher Apprenticeships (CONFIRMED)

  • Share the learning of recruiting a record cohort of trainee teachers in the 2019 intake
  • Outlining strategies for how programmes and partnerships can accelerate the progress of novice teachers, whilst building sustainable habits for a long career in teaching.
  • Managing workload for teachers to ensure newly qualified teachers can thrive
  • Sharing insights from the advisory group on Initial Teacher Education (ITE)

Reuben Moore, Executive Director for Programme Development, Teach First (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring what we think the modern trainee teacher wants
  • Discussing why you should be using a multifaceted approach to ITT
  • Case study: a forward thinking approach in action

Jackie Hill, Programme and Partnerships Ambassador, Tes Institute (CONFIRMED)

Join sector leaders behind the development of the Teacher Retention and Recruitment Strategy to gain insights on the new strategy and its implications for the future retention and recruitment of teachers

  • Sharing the process and thinking behind the development of the strategy and how it will impact teacher training, recruitment and retention
  • Outlining the importance of flexible working for teachers and how a new job searching website could boost recruitment and retention
  • Discussing the next steps in the construction and development of the Early Career Framework
  • Answering direct concerns and questions on how schools can tackle the recruitment crisis

Judy Shaw, President, National Association of Head Teachers (CONFIRMED)
Suzanne Beckley, Senior Policy Adviser, National Education Union (CONFIRMED)
Carl Ward, Board Member, Confederation of Schools (CONFIRMED)

  • Developing and sustaining high quality teacher training and supporting excellent provision for a school-based approach to teacher training
  • Discussing how working in partnerships between schools can help to deliver high quality initial teacher training
  • Supporting those responsible for delivering school-led training by providing advice and guidance, toolkits and seminars
  • Engaging with stakeholders in the sector to represent the interests and raise the profile of educators in schools

Emma Hollis, Executive Director, The National Association of School Based Teacher Trainers (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining the role of the expert panel in reviewing teacher training and the recommendations it will make to align teacher training with the Early Career Framework
  • Sharing how new guidance will underpin a new training programme for all new teachers through updated core content during teacher training
  • Ensuring all newly qualified teachers have access to a shared understanding of how to best develop their careers through training which is consistent and of the highest quality

Professor Sam Twiselton OBE, Lead, DfE Expert Panel on Support for Trainee Teachers (CONFIRMED)

  • Providing high-quality mentoring, coaching and collaborative coaching at The Basingstoke Alliance SCITT (BASCITT) through a lifelong learning model to support the development of teachers
  • Improving regional retention of teachers with 100% employment, 96% retention and over 70% of trainees becoming teachers in local Basingstoke secondary schools
  • Working in partnership with headteachers of local schools to ensure mentors have designated time to support training of novice teachers
  • Outlining the impact of the BASCITT Mentoring and Coaching Recognition Framework developed in line with recommendations from the Carter Review to support CPD of teachers who are mentoring and coaching

Nicky Hepworth, Programme Manager, Basingstoke Alliance SCITT and Assistance Headteacher, Dove Academy Trust (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining the journey from providing school direct teacher training to becoming a SCITT and being accredited to award Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
  • Achieving an ‘outstanding’ grade from Ofsted demonstrating the high quality of teachers in their early careers which have been supported by the SCITT
  • Working in partnership with the University of Chichester to offer PGCE at Master’s level and support NQTs in their development and training
  • Ensuring the teacher training provided is evidence-based through training by local tutors and input from the Research School to provide training based on recent research and knowledge of cognitive science

Louise Longhurst, SCITT Programme Leader, The South Downs SCITT (CONFIRMED)

  • Working in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University to provide outstanding school-led teacher training programmes with the support of leading schools in the region
  • Delivering subject and phase specific tutorials and a Professional Studies Programme at the Knutsford Academy which is supported by the university
  • Providing trainees with professional mentors and subject/class mentors who can provide personalised and bespoke feedback to support improvement
  • Developing relationships with practising schools leaders and lecturers at the university so trainees can gain insights into day to day life in a school whilst learning key educational theories and pedagogical research

Jan Rowe, Head of Initial Teacher Education. Liverpool John Moores University (invited)
Rachael Todhunter, Teacher Training Support, Knutsford Multi-Academy Trust (invited)

*Programme subject to change